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Monday, 2 July 2007

Malaysia 10 Sen 1971



Malaysia 10 Sen 1971
Weight: 2.82g
Diameter: 19.4mm
Milled edge.

Yesterday, when I search through my collection, to check them against my list , I am stumped for unable to find this coin. Even, made me late for work...

Probably, I am lucky enough to learn that I had misplaced it during cataloging my collection. My first thought was, I must have used it and spent it somewhere!

Ok, back to the fact of this coin. It is 1971 Malaysia 10 Cent (it is graded UNCIRCULATED to that I have) and what make it expensive - which is RM95 (Standard Catalog of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei Coin & Paper Money 17th Edition, Catalog number MSC3) and RM80 (A Complete Educational Reference - Malaysia Banknotes & Coins, 3rd Edition September 2006) - was due to the number of its mintage. Unlike the same denomination of other years which minted of millions of pieces, this particular year has very limited mintage. Only 32,236 of 10 sen coins were minted in 1971. Compared to years from 1967 until 1988, the lowest mintage number was 17,852,262 (1988) and the highest mintage number was 236,638,957 (1981), source BNM.

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Update 2012/July/14

I have updated and will update (if any new information found) on my new collection site. The coin particular can be read with plenty more details about variety and the theories about why the number of mintage was soooo low,


KL Ocs Kid said...

it seem...only me...leave the comment:)

Unknown said...

im the second! interested to know... kalau bleh jumpa lagi, mesti dapat jual mahal ni.. terpaksa pecah tabung? duit malaysia apa lagi yang mahal?

Anonymous said...

Is it Rare enough to be sold to collectors?
I remember reading it in The-Star one or two years ago..

Anonymous said...

i have one - which i brought in malay at the bank - whats it worth now do you know?

Aleph Prime said...

it worth to nearly RM300 - tag that i used to see.

Anonymous said...

I have a 20 sen malaysia coin thats 1981 do you know what its worth?

sham1967 said...

I just want to know from your knowledge regards to 20 cent coin issued in 1980. This issue was recalled by central bank of malaysia due to physical defect of this issue.most of the said coin hase been recalled from the market,of which fews still in the market and i was informed that it worth 5 figures. I have one of this coin which i can say no defect.someone is looing for this coin and and he/she has 3 coins of this issue.

Aleph Prime said...

Dear sham1967,

I never heard of 20c 1980, but I surely have the 20c 1970.

It made some price due to the fact that it was minted around 1 million something.

You can check my post at:

Hope this helped.

Anonymous said...

what a big loss for that one.
I also have a similar problem this week, I cannot find my north borneo 25 cent. uhuk-uhuk.

that is a problem when you don't do catalog for all your collection and I have lost twice my catalog because of viruses.

See you around.

Ayyubi said...

hey all...I'm a newbie in coin collecting :-) I was just wondering of all the minting years of malaysian coins, which year are of value and if possible why :-)
thanks :-)

AK said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i have one piece of coin 10cents 1971..
anyone wanna to buy contact me..0136317396

Unknown said...

Hello guys i am interested in buying malaysian 10 cent coin year 1971 and 1972...pls call me at +6598751427...thk u..