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Friday, 6 July 2007

Mexico Dollar 8 Reales 1874 Fake Coin

Obv: Sea urchin with text, REPUBLICA MEXICANA.
You can see the details are sharp as if it was very much just been minted.

Rev: 8 R(eales), M(exico City), 1874, B.H. 10D 20G, with another text LIBERTAD.

Silver will not produce this type of colour and oxidation. Only nickel (or cupro-nickel) produce the oxidation color.

This coin is also known as Ringgit Janek, Ringgit Geroda, Ringgit Matahari. Yesterday, from an auction site, I found this coin and interested into getting it for my research purpose. I pay the sum of RM150.00 but only to find this coin is fake.

So, collector who has found this type of coin, please be careful. It may look authentic, and the mint may look very perfect. At one glance, it looks to be genuine, but after looking at it thoroughly, it doesn't take long for me to differentiate it as fake coin. It is not silver, but I assume it is cupro-nickel. The details look very perfect, to which the coin of this year should have wore somewhere - but this coin does not have any trace of wearing.

I have to return it to the seller, I am not saying the seller is selling fake coin, but his/her source maybe selling to him/her this fake coin.

I would say, please be careful to everyone because spending money, a serious big money on something not worth it, is SO SUCH A WASTE.


Anonymous said...

Interesting information, but I am concerned that you think this is a sea urchin. It is 'cap and rays'. Are you sure this is counterfeit?

Aleph Prime said...

Dear Doug Reynolds,

Noted ur comment. I will make more research on this coin. The name of sea urchin dollar was given in almost every book that refers to this type of coin that circulated around Malaya (or Land of the Malays) at that time. In Malays it is called "Ringgit Garoda" (Sea Urchin Dollar).

Having dealt with many pieces of silver coins, I am pretty much sure that the coin is fake.

I am opened to new information, should u have explnation on it.


Anonymous said...

May I know the weight of this coin that you say is fake? I have one like this, has some wear in areas and it weighs 26.95 grams.

Unknown said...

My wife has a few of these coins given to her by her mother in china years ago. She was told they have been in the family for years and are valuble. The back of the coins that we have, carry a few different markings and read "8R.Z 1874" wich is also different. Can any one help if this is a rare coin.


Unknown said...

i have a few coins from china that have a few different markings on the back also read differently as
"8R.Z.1874" can any tell me if this is rare?