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Friday, 27 June 2008

Silver Rider (Ducaton) 1767

Obverse: FOE : BELG : HOL MO : NO : ARG : CON

This is an interesting piece for me, aside to Perak Tampang, this is one of item that chip me the most. But that is not a case here.

I can't be sure whether this coin circulated in Tanah Melayu (The Malay Land) or not, since the seller claims to have bought this from Sumatera, Indonesia - which of course he can finds this there, since Indonesia were parts of Holland's colony.

I took this into collection considering that I am collecting silver coins, and it won't be wrong to add one more piece of item. I cannot discuss much about this coin until I find more information about it.

But, these are some interesting information that I have found on

Title:x Netherlands, Holland, Dukaton or Silver Rider, 1767,
knight galloping right, rev. crwoned arms (Dav.1827; Del.1014), ...

Description:Netherlands, Holland, Dukaton or Silver Rider,
1767, knight galloping right, rev. crwoned arms (Dav.1827; Del.1014)

This coin is estimated to be on Fine condition. If you wish to see more details on the coin, click on respective image to enlarge.

If someone have information on this coin, please email me or just comment here. Thank you.


Updates (2008-06-30)

Holland/Hollandia: A Dutch maritime province fronting on the North Sea, is the most important region of the Netherlands, a leader in maritime activities and in efficient agriculture. During the period of Spanish domination, Holland was the bulwark of the Protestant faith in the Netherlands and the focus of the resistance to Spanish tyranny.

Mint mark: State Arms, hence known to be minted in Amsterdam.

Ducaton (Silver Rider), Krause catalog number is KM# 90 with 32.78 gram and 0.941 silver contents.

Information has been researched and updated, visit for more information at:

Peru Un Sol (1885), Overmarked by Guatemala

Obverse counter-stamped: REPUBLICA DE GUATEMALA 1/2 REAL LAGRANGE (30 DE JUNIO DE 1871)Reverse counter-stamped: 0.835 1894 (LIBERTAD 15 DE SETIEMBRE DE 1821)

I had never expected to get this coin, but paid a handsome money to get this. I don't know much about this coin except that (said to have been) circulated around in Tanah Melayu. I had also identify this coin from Saran Singh's as foreign circulated coin.

It is interesting though, to get this one into my collection.

What makes it more interesting is the fact that is has counter-stamped, Republica de Guatemala 1/2 Real (1894).

Click on respective image to enlarge. If you happened to have some information or like to raise question, please comment into this post.
Updates (2008-06-30)
I have luckily found information on this coin from Krause. Catalog number is KM#166.22 (1885 RD) 0.9 Silver 0.7234 oz. Minted in Santiago.
It has been counterstamped 1/2 Real (Medi0) Guatemala, exergue 1894, catalog number KM#165.
Counter-stamped coinage is cannot be found in any catalog, hence I have to find their specific catalog number.
Interesting information
By 1894, foreign coins had become so prevalent that on August 10, the government authorised their counter-stamping at the mint, with the official 1/2 Real dies of 1894, to legitimize their circulation.

Mint Assayers Initials
The letter(s) following the dates of Peruvian coins are the assayer's initials appearing on the coins. They generally appear at the 11 o'clock on the colonial coinage and at the 5 o'clock position along the rim on the obverse or reverse on the republican coinage.
Note: I still cannot find the name of the assayer (R.D.) Please write something if you know.

Information about this coin has been updated officially at:

One Wooden Nickel


Sorry, that I have not updated my blog for quite sometimes, and those who had emailed me, I do hope that information that I shared with would be helpful.

Here, I'd like to share about ONE WOODEN NICKEL, which I am not sure what it is all about. If somebody knew about this, please email me or comment something about it. I bought it because it looks unique and I wish to know more about it...

(Click on respective image to see higher resolution)