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Friday, 27 June 2008

Silver Rider (Ducaton) 1767

Obverse: FOE : BELG : HOL MO : NO : ARG : CON

This is an interesting piece for me, aside to Perak Tampang, this is one of item that chip me the most. But that is not a case here.

I can't be sure whether this coin circulated in Tanah Melayu (The Malay Land) or not, since the seller claims to have bought this from Sumatera, Indonesia - which of course he can finds this there, since Indonesia were parts of Holland's colony.

I took this into collection considering that I am collecting silver coins, and it won't be wrong to add one more piece of item. I cannot discuss much about this coin until I find more information about it.

But, these are some interesting information that I have found on

Title:x Netherlands, Holland, Dukaton or Silver Rider, 1767,
knight galloping right, rev. crwoned arms (Dav.1827; Del.1014), ...

Description:Netherlands, Holland, Dukaton or Silver Rider,
1767, knight galloping right, rev. crwoned arms (Dav.1827; Del.1014)

This coin is estimated to be on Fine condition. If you wish to see more details on the coin, click on respective image to enlarge.

If someone have information on this coin, please email me or just comment here. Thank you.


Updates (2008-06-30)

Holland/Hollandia: A Dutch maritime province fronting on the North Sea, is the most important region of the Netherlands, a leader in maritime activities and in efficient agriculture. During the period of Spanish domination, Holland was the bulwark of the Protestant faith in the Netherlands and the focus of the resistance to Spanish tyranny.

Mint mark: State Arms, hence known to be minted in Amsterdam.

Ducaton (Silver Rider), Krause catalog number is KM# 90 with 32.78 gram and 0.941 silver contents.

Information has been researched and updated, visit for more information at:

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