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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Spain 2 Reales (1812)

The edge
Ferdinand VII
Ferdinand VII was the son of Carlos IV and Maria Luisa de Parma.
Born in Madrid Oct 12th, 1785. He was the King of Spain from 1808 to 1833.
Spanish Real
The real (meaning: "royal", plural: reales) was a unit of currency in Spain for several centuries after the mid-14th century, but changed in value relative to other units introduced. In 1864, the real was replaced by a new Spanish escudo, then by the peseta in 1868, when a real came to mean a quarter of a peseta.
The first real was introduced by King Pedro I of Castile in the mid 1300's at a value of 3 maravedíes. This rate of exchange increased until 1497, when the real, now issued in billon, was fixed at a value of 34 maravedíes. The famous "piece of eight" (peso de a ocho), also known as the Spanish dollar, was issued that same year as a trade coin. It later became widespread in America and Asia. In 1566, the gold escudo was introduced, worth 16 silver reales. The "piece of eight" was so-called because the denomination was divided into eight silver reales (8 reales = 1 silver peso). In addition to the "piece of eight," which was a one-ounce silver coin, other coins based on it were issued: 4 reales, 2 reales, 1 real and the little (half-inch diameter) half real.
For specification detail (mint, obverse, reverse, weight) please visit

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Forgery RM100


This is a fprgery RM100 Malaysia bank note. I just acquired this from a friend who run a business. His cashier was bump by a motorcyclist who want to fuel his motor by using this note for only RM5.

Intestesting note about this note is that,
1. The front silver strip was taken from original RM1o note, but extended another 4mm with blank silver sticker.
2. Two zeroes re-embossed using marker.
3. On the reverse, 6 lines seem to be glued, but closer looks reveals non-straight line.
4. The printing appears to be fade, probably printed using jet-ink printer, poor quality type of paper.
5. The shade of Agong to be printed as watermark, therefore it appears all the time.

New observation and new article about this forgery banknote has been posted here, kindly check:

Acquired for the price of RM50. Expensive huh? If someone need higher resolution picture, please contact me.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Malaysia RM50 Independence Commemoration (2007)

The cover.


Yesterday, I asked for half-day leave. Went to Bank Negara Malaysia, Penang Branch at Georgetown. The day was sunny, and the sun was bright. Passing through old fort, and the sea breezes softly. What an amazing day!

Arriving to BNM, I can see a long queue already, and I got to queue-up like a snake outside the premise. Then the security came over and counting the heads that he claims will be able to get the early note! I was gap by less than 10 persons for the last head counted by him. I am somewhat sad, and think of time I had wasted. Never before I come here, and my first time was so unlucky, I thought of myself.

But an Indian man urging the security that he wanted to queue-up, waiting and wanted to try his luck. So, I keep on waiting with him and some other people, and of course many people left with sad face. Getting inside, and luckily that I didn't leave, the banker opened-up more notes. So, I have the chance to get one for myself. I am so grateful! I smiled all the way...

Ah forgot, I need to mention this. What make this note special is that it has the 50th Merdeka Celebration stamped on the back, whilst the new note which will be released much later won't have that. Yet, the special important note to be noted is the that I am one of 20,000 people who had hand into keeping the note.

Adding another piece to my collection. Cost me for RM60.00, I am sure that the price will hike in a month time. So, I would have to put eye on Ebay, that perhaps someone might be selling. Wish to secure 2 more pieces. So, God help me!

This article was written in 2007, and I just re-post it here, the correct blog. LOL

Update 2012-08-03
For higher resolution photo and better article, please visit

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Forgery Bank Note : Malaysia RM50


RM50 Malaysia, fake bank note. The first time I ever encountered high-tech fake note. Unlike to RM100 fake note from the earlier post, this one seems to be the most carefully made. The only thing it failed if someone with average knowledge hold it is that, the light scanner. The note appears to be seeminglessly genuine, and only a closer look can reveal its quality. It has everything appears to be on genuine note, the front silver strip, the silver line embedded, the shady Agong pic, and serial number. The one who made this has everything he needed in order to produce this copy.

If someone need to have a close examination for the note, please contact me, so i can send higher resolution pic which around 25MB per side.

Acquired from Sungai Dua convenience shop (paid him the money he lost, RM50, and he gave this note to me) 27-Jan-2008.

Information about this particular forgery note has been updated at:

Friday, 23 March 2012

British India Colony : King George VI One Rupee 1940

As a reference, since my coin is not EF enough.

Obverse: One Rupee 1940

Rev: George VI King Emperor

I bought this in June-2010 but only recently I noticed this piece and only put them into database. How silly. The condition is very good and the price was reasonable.

Krause Catalog: KM#557
Minted in Bombay and only have 50% silver content.

Read more about this coin at

Friday, 2 December 2011

The Government of Kelantan - 5 Dirhams (Sterling Silver)

This sterling silver was issued in the state of Kelantan, meant to be circulated in the market with value at last peg of RM20.00 for 1 Dirham. Whilst the effort of the the state government is very much applauded, but the real intention has never been achieved because most of the silver and gold (Dinar) was bought for private investment (read for me: collection).

I was amazed that 1 Dirham was the most sought after that every mintage was quickly snapped out.

These dirhams are available in 1, 2, 5, 10, 50 and 100. As the selling price is RM20, one piece of 100 dirhams would easily cost RM2,000. I wonder how are you going to take around 100 dirhams silver in your pocket.

I bought 2 pieces of 2 dirhams for RM20 each and 1 piece of 5 dirham for RM100 at Koperasi Pasar Siti Khadijah, Kota Bharu. (I am still looking to get at least one piece of 1 dirham into my collection)

Update: Recent price for 1 Dirham = RM25.00 (02/Dec/2011)
Dec/2011 - I finally have 2 pcs of 1 Kelantan Dirham.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Kupang Kedah (18th Century) - Half Real

Obv: Muhammad ShahRev: Sultan of Kedah

HALF REAL ? (Silver Alloy) SS11Obverse: In Arabic "Al Sultan Al Kedah" (The Sultan of Kedah)
Reverse: In Arabic "Muhammad Shah"
Edge: Plain
Weight: 1.9 g
Diameter: 15 mm
Composition: Silver - Silver and Copper Alloy
(Several die varieties exist)

REAL is currency used at that time (Spanish Real) More information on Spanish Real, refer here.

Circulated during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Jiwa Zainal Shah II (1710 - 1773)

Info collected from The Encyclopaedia of The Coins of Malaysia Singapore and Brunei 1400 - 1967 (by Saran Singh, 2nd Edition, 1996)

This piece is scarce to find and I am just lucky that someone offered me at a "reasonable" price.

Update 2012-July-17

More photo and information about the coin can be read at: