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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Forgery RM100


This is a fprgery RM100 Malaysia bank note. I just acquired this from a friend who run a business. His cashier was bump by a motorcyclist who want to fuel his motor by using this note for only RM5.

Intestesting note about this note is that,
1. The front silver strip was taken from original RM1o note, but extended another 4mm with blank silver sticker.
2. Two zeroes re-embossed using marker.
3. On the reverse, 6 lines seem to be glued, but closer looks reveals non-straight line.
4. The printing appears to be fade, probably printed using jet-ink printer, poor quality type of paper.
5. The shade of Agong to be printed as watermark, therefore it appears all the time.

New observation and new article about this forgery banknote has been posted here, kindly check:

Acquired for the price of RM50. Expensive huh? If someone need higher resolution picture, please contact me.

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