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Friday, 3 August 2012

Malaysia RM50 Independence Commemoration (2007)

The cover.


Yesterday, I asked for half-day leave. Went to Bank Negara Malaysia, Penang Branch at Georgetown. The day was sunny, and the sun was bright. Passing through old fort, and the sea breezes softly. What an amazing day!

Arriving to BNM, I can see a long queue already, and I got to queue-up like a snake outside the premise. Then the security came over and counting the heads that he claims will be able to get the early note! I was gap by less than 10 persons for the last head counted by him. I am somewhat sad, and think of time I had wasted. Never before I come here, and my first time was so unlucky, I thought of myself.

But an Indian man urging the security that he wanted to queue-up, waiting and wanted to try his luck. So, I keep on waiting with him and some other people, and of course many people left with sad face. Getting inside, and luckily that I didn't leave, the banker opened-up more notes. So, I have the chance to get one for myself. I am so grateful! I smiled all the way...

Ah forgot, I need to mention this. What make this note special is that it has the 50th Merdeka Celebration stamped on the back, whilst the new note which will be released much later won't have that. Yet, the special important note to be noted is the that I am one of 20,000 people who had hand into keeping the note.

Adding another piece to my collection. Cost me for RM60.00, I am sure that the price will hike in a month time. So, I would have to put eye on Ebay, that perhaps someone might be selling. Wish to secure 2 more pieces. So, God help me!

This article was written in 2007, and I just re-post it here, the correct blog. LOL

Update 2012-08-03
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