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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Forgery Bank Note : Malaysia RM50


RM50 Malaysia, fake bank note. The first time I ever encountered high-tech fake note. Unlike to RM100 fake note from the earlier post, this one seems to be the most carefully made. The only thing it failed if someone with average knowledge hold it is that, the light scanner. The note appears to be seeminglessly genuine, and only a closer look can reveal its quality. It has everything appears to be on genuine note, the front silver strip, the silver line embedded, the shady Agong pic, and serial number. The one who made this has everything he needed in order to produce this copy.

If someone need to have a close examination for the note, please contact me, so i can send higher resolution pic which around 25MB per side.

Acquired from Sungai Dua convenience shop (paid him the money he lost, RM50, and he gave this note to me) 27-Jan-2008.

Information about this particular forgery note has been updated at:

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