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Monday, 2 July 2007

King Edward VII One Ringgit 1904B Incuse

Bust: King Edward VII
Year: 1904 (B - Bombay, Incuse)
Condition: EF
Est Price: N.A

Circulated ONE DOLLAR SILVER in Malay States.
This coin was expected to have been circulated in Kedah as it is origin from local villagers of Pendang.

Source: Mohd Khairul Fikri b. Mohd Noor (1996)

Will be included in the book.


Anonymous said...

Do you know whether this coin is 90% silver? My wife's grandmother in Singapore just gave us a 1908 version of this coin that is pristine. She has had it since before WWII.

Anonymous said...

i have 1907 it is in good condition email me if you want

Anonymous said...

i have a 1907 the same version email me if you want